Wooden furniture for automatic edge banding machine

Edge Banding Machine

Main Technical Parameter

         Edge Band Thickness               0.4-3.0mm
         Edge Band Height             10-65mm
         Edge Band Height (Pre-Milling Runs)               12-36mm
         Panel Thickness               8-60mm
         Panel Thickness(Pre-Milling Runs)               8-32mm
         Feeding Speed               18-32m/min
         Min.Panel Width               ≥60mm
         Min. Panel Length               50mm
         Min.Panel Length(Pre-Milling Runs)               100mm
         Motor Power               24.13kw
         Working Pressure               0.7Mpa
         Overall Size               9827*1000*1600mm
         Net Weight               5000kg

Application Market

With the improvement of quality of life, people have more and more requirements for practical furniture. eg, the price should be suitable, the appearance has to have style, etc. Naturally, there is a higher technical requirement for the edge furniture, and the demand for the edge sealing machine is long-lasting. Whether it is custom furniture or a large number of the same specifications office desk production. Edge banding machine has become an indispensable tool for individual carpentry, large furniture factory.

Function Introduction

This machine is suitable for medium density fiberboard, blockboard, wood, particleboard, plywood, and other linear polymer doors, edge trimming, disposable with double-sided adhesive tape cutting edge tape pressing, end-cutting, corner-trimming, rough trimming, refinement, scraping and polishing, edge and delicate, smooth, feel-good a smooth straight line. The equipment is stable, reliable, and durable, and the price is moderate, especially suitable for large and medium-sized furniture, cabinet, and other plate furniture manufacturers.

Detailed Function Introduction:


It refers to the use of double cutter cutting, sawing by corrugated traces after burr or the panel saw/ vertical phenomenon, again modified, in order to achieve a better sealing effect. It makes the sealing strip close to the plate more closely, and the integrity and the beauty are better.

Glue seal edge:

Through the special structure, make the edge plate and edge material double coating evenly, ensure the adhesive force is more firm.


Through the precise linear guide movement, it adopts the automatic tracking by the mold and the rapid cutting structure of the high-frequency high-speed motor to ensure the smooth and smooth cut surface.

Fine trimming:

It uses automatic tracking and high-speed high-speed motor against the workpiece structure to ensure that the upper and lower trim plate trimming smooth. Used to repair the edge of the processing sheet edge margin of the margin material. Fine knife R-knife. Mainly used for panel furniture, PVC, acrylic edge banding, 0.8mm thick edge banding is better.


It is mainly used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the cutting process of the nonlinear motion of the trimming so that the upper and lower parts of the plate are more smooth and tidy.


It refers to the use of a cotton polishing wheel to clean the processed plate, the edge of the seal by polishing more smooth


It refers to the direct use of the side panels for the wardrobe, floor, and another direct slot to reduce the sawing process panel more convenient and quick; can also be used for the door aluminum edge slotting.

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