What is the Paper Pallets?

Types of paper pallets

Paper pallets are including honeycomb paper pallets, paper pallet boxes, corrugated pallets, slider boards.


Wonderful honeycomb structure

The honeycomb structure originated from bionics, and through the observation and study of honeycomb, scientists found that the hexagonal structure of honeycomb, like the benzene ring structure of organic chemistry, is the most stable structure.

After repeated experiments, honeycomb composites were finally made. This material was first used in high-tech fields such as aviation and aerospace, and the protective layer of the rocket is the honeycomb. After the gradual promotion, its raw materials can use platinum foil, plastic, Kraft paper, and so on.


From the point of view of material mechanics, the strength of paper is not strong, but the strength of the façade after erection is 75 times higher than the strength of other aspects.

If the paper is solidified, the hardness of the façade of each layer of paper can be increased by hundreds of times, and the paper will be made into a special honeycomb structure of cardboard, which can make tens of millions of upright Kraft steel with a huge load weight.

The cost and weight of paper products are much lower than that of wood and steel. From the point of view of environmental protection, the paper has a wide range of sources, is a renewable resource, in nature after natural degradation, there is no problem of environmental pollution. Therefore, the wide application of paper products is the most suitable for the requirements of the Times.

  • Environmental protection. It can be recycled 100%, does not produce waste, does not pollute the environment, meets environmental protection requirements, can be directly sent to the paper mill for recycling after use.
  • Fumigation free. In line with European and American market requirements, pharmaceutical food and other industries can be used directly.
  • Flat and smooth. Avoid debris and nails to damage the goods.
  • Sturdy and secure. The load-bearing structure is reasonable and the maximum load-bearing can reach 3 tons.
  • Lightweight and convenient, it is 1/4 of the same wooden pallet, easy to carry.
  • Mitigation of shocks. Because the paper tray uses elastic honeycomb paper material, relying on the advantages of Honeycomb’s special force structure can greatly reduce the bumps from the transport process.
  • The price is low. The main material of the paper pallet is recyclable honeycomb paperboard, which is especially suitable for export enterprises.


  • The bearing should be placed evenly and flat on the tray to ensure uniform force on the tray surface;
  • Before using the forklift to lift the cargo, ensure that the forklift working arm fully enters the pallet (the working arm entry depth should not be lower than the pallet 2/3 depth), and the forklift working arm should be kept level when lifting the goods;
  • The bearing should be placed evenly and flat on the pallet to ensure uniform force on the tray surface;
  • The pallet should be placed in a dry place indoors.

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