Manual Edge Banding Machine HC-360

Products Details

1. Large worktable and can be customized. It is made of fine copper can guarantee the edge precision and stability.

2. Two heating pipes are arranged in the glue tank, which can be quickly sol, and is suitable for being used in cold environment.

3. It can edge the banding material of 6cm, within 15m continuous glue. It more suitable for banding the thick wood panel, like door.

4. The humanized control switch makes the equipment more convenient to use.

Product Parameter

Edge thickness0.3-3.00mm
Edge width15-50mm
Min edge diameter20mm
Banding width 50mm
Heating pipe powerAC360V1600W
Working power220V/60HZ
Electric motors power370W
Operating speed0-14m/min
Air pressure≥6kg/cm²

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