HICAS High Configuration Edge Banding Machine (HC586C)

Functions (flow path)

Separating agent → Pre milling → Infrared lamp 1 → Quick melt 1→ Top-mounted gluing 1 → Infrared lamp 2→ Quick melt 2 → Top-mounted gluing 2 → Servo control tape feeding → 5 rollers independent frequency inverter pressing →Double rails end cutting → Trimming 1 → Trimming 2 → Four heads corner rounding → Scrape → Cleaning agent → Polishing 1 → Polishing 2


Standard Voltage380V, 50Hz, 3 phases(can be customized)
Machine size10500*970*1970mm
Working speed16-23-26-29-32m/min
Edge bandwidth15-65mm
Edge band thickness0.4-3mm
Panel thickness10-60mm
Panel width≥60mm
Working pressure0.7mpa
Loading1X40’GP container
HS code8465990000

Machine Details

Industrial computer

High-performance control with easy operation.

AUTONICS encoder

By using one encoder and one position limit sensor, the whole banding procedure will be started by receiving only one signal. Reduce the fault rate. Control every step with high precision.

Separating agent

By spraying after automization in the pre-milling process of the automatic edge banding machine, it can effectively prevent the overflow of hot melt during the edge banding process from polluting the board surface, and reduce the workload for the subsequent cleaning work.

Pre milling

Using 2 pcs of high wear-resisting blades, work on the wave effect that is caused by a precise panel saw. Ensure the edges of the panel are good for banding.

Infrared baking lamp I & II

The heating effect makes the edge banding stick better.

Servo control tape feeding

High-precision delivery of edge banding saves edge banding materials and improves production efficiency.

Quick melting device and top-mounted gluing I & II

Reduce the melting time, improve the adhesion of the edge banding and the edge banding effect

Edge band pressing unit

Five-wheel tilt type. Frequency inverter adjusts separately. Make the adhesive on both sides of the edge-banding board and the edge-banding tape evenly pressed to ensure stronger adhesion.

End cutting Adopt

Normal high matching technology structure, through precise linear guide movement, adopts automatic tracking by mold and fast cutting structure of high frequency and high-speed motor, ensure smooth cutting surface.

Trimming I and II

Fine trimming of the top and bottom edges. Complete with 2 high-frequency motors.

Corner rounding

Four heads corner rounding: high precision guaranteed perfect look and touch.

Scraper I & II

It is used to eliminate the wavy marks caused by the cutting process of trimming non-linear motion, so that the upper and lower parts of the plate are more smooth and neat. At the same time, the size of the arc angle can be adjusted to make the sealing effect more perfect.

Wire fracture

Remove the wood silk, prevent winding to the polishing wheel to cause the motor to be jammed and burned out.

Flat scrapping

Removes excess glue from the top and bottom of the panel.

Clean Unit

Clear the residual glue, keep panel clean.

Pneumatic Polishing

The buffing device adopts cotton material polishing wheel to sand the finished edge band more smoothly.

Specific features

  • Turn ON and OFF
  • Functions selection
  • Parameter setting
  • Alarm warning
  • Data display
  • Other functions

Electric cabinet cooling

Automatic current monitoring

Production statistics: Count the quantity (pieces) and output (meters) of the day.

Belt conveyor: Ensure stability during high-speed conveyor. Prevent dust pollution on the conveyor surface. Improve the finishing result and productivity.

Linear guide lifting. It is used to support and guide the moving parts. It makes reciprocating linear motion in a given direction, which is suitable for mechanical structures with high precision requirements.

Instant positioning of pressure beam: Parameter can be set on request. Saving time.

Small press roller: Keep the workpieces running horizontally to ensure normal edge banding processing.

Grease oil pump. Lubrication protection, prolonging the service life of the machine, and convenient maintenance.

Safety and limit To prevent misplaced and anti-pressure hands.

Automatic lubricating pump: assure mechanical precision and long life span.

Auxiliary pressure roller: It prevents the workpieces from tilting during the high-speed working process. High stability.

Conveyor chain automatic lubrication to guarantee the chain runs smoothly.

The heavy pressing beam provides high stability.

Optional functions

Multi-channel-to achieves change different material or colors’ of tapes.

Grooving equipped with a carriage to make a channel on the bottom/side / top surface of the panel.

PUR adhesive has an irreversible function, so it can be waterproof, high temperature resistant and low temperature resistant. Can also achieve a seamless edge banding effect.

No joints and no glue line, in perfect harmony with the panel.

German Air Force System, available on Hicas edge banding machines, is based on the physical principle of convection. By using a compressed hot air system,

the edge bonds perfectly with the panel guaranteeing

resistance to water and heat and an excellent long-lasting quality finish.

Spare parts

Tape cutting knifeEnd cutting bladeRough trimming cutter

Tape cutting knife

End cutting blade

Rough trimming cutter

Fine trimming cutterCorner rounding cutterScraping cutter

Fine trimming cutter

Corner rounding cutter

Scraping cutter

Cotton polishing wheel
Cotton plishing wheel
Pressure regulating valvePre-milling cutter

Cotton polishing wheel

Pressure regulating valve

Pre-milling cutter

EncoderMagnetic valveLimit switch


Magnetic valve

Limit switch

EVA glueSeparating and Cleaning agentEdge tape

EVA glue

Separating and Cleaning agent

Edge tape


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