HICAS Automatic CNC Beam Panel Saw (ZT3300)


Main saw part

Sawing length


Electric supply

220V, 60Hz, 3 phases

Max sawing thickness


Main spindle rotary speed


Spindle of groove blade rotary speed


Sawing speed

0~120m/min (frequency conversing)

Main sawing power


Grooving power


Feeding servo motor power


Groove blade dia.


Dia. Of groove blade spindle


Feeding guide

Precise linear guide

Main blade diameter


Main balde spindle diameter


CNC Feeding table part

Servo motor

1.5 KW 220V

Drive method

Gear\rack worm reducer

Control method

Mitsubishi PLC

Guiding method

Linear guide

Drive method

Servo motor, 1.5kw

Control screen

10” touch screen, double screen control

Positioning precision


Thickness of plate



0-120m/min (adjustable)

Process width


Material press way

Cylinder clamp

Process length


Mechanical arm

8 sets (Flecible double fingers)

Sawing device horizontal speed

Digital precision control

Whole machine



Installed power


Overall dimension


Platform height



  • Suitable for wood-based panels, aluminum panels, plexiglass, MDF, MDF, particleboard, PVC panels, solid wood, etc.
  • Learining high-end electronic saw technology from Europe and America, the main saw and the feeding frame are guided by linear guides with higher precision.
  • German original electronic ruler with automatic precision compensation is the most accurate and reliable positioning sensor euiqpment. Unaffected by the surrounding environment and magnetic field. Safe and stable, no maintenance required.
  • Crawler-type designed vacuuming. Collect the sawdust and dust accurately and the filter rate is close to 100%, which is much better than the traditional opening Vacuum cleaning.
  • The latest manipulator structure. The minimum splint size can reach 40mm. It is firstly be used by us.
  • The first one in China who use servo motors to control the sawing speed. Achieving double servo CNC sawing and cutting make it much more stabl. It also has a fault online detection device, which automatically stops when a fault occurs. With fault automatic detection side function, quickly query the cause of the fault.
  • Visual sawing monitoring, easy inspection of sawing status (Our own proprietary technology). And equipped with intelligent material cutting optimization software, making production more time-saving, material saving, labor saving.
  • Thanks to its high automation, high efficiency, high precision and outstanding appearance, the beam saw is widely being using in panel furniture industry all over the world.


  1. Adopting “Japanese Mitsubishi Control System”, “Delta Servo and Inverter”, “French Schneider Electric” and “SNS Pneumatic Components” to make the performance more stable;
  2. The automatic accuracy compensation of the electronic ruler is “Germany SKIO”. Magnetic induction signal switch “AUTONICS”
  3. High quality cable for longer working life
  4. The frame is made of thick steel plate and high density welding.
  5. With a number of national patented technologies, tailor-made for custom furniture

Processing procedure

Put the panels on the CNC saw worktable or feed the panels by automatic feeder →Press the button of the clamp to grasp the panels →Switch to automatic working method →start working →Automatic positioning →Automatic edge trimming →Automatic sawing →Automatically complete all cutting according to the entered data (scanning code)


Main structure

Using high-quality steel. High-density process welding technology and annealing treatment. Effectively guarantee the stability and service life of the main body.

Electric control system

Adopt the leading international brand Mitsubishi PLC. Large capacity storage and high-speed processing capability. Stable and reliable.

Operating screen

The panel display interface is simple and easy to understand. The control method is safe and reliable. Complete guidance operation and fault alarm elimination tips. You can edit the desired sawing plan and simulate sawing. Compatible with a variety of optimization software and bar code management software and automation software.

Servo motor device

With Delta’s high-performance servo motor drive, control commands can be executed quickly and accurately to ensure efficient cutting.

Air floating feeding platform

The ball-type air float table makes the feeding easy.

Sawing device

The saw base is guided by a linear guide. Straight saw line, high precision, large load, gear rack drive, CNC sawing. Suitable for dusty environments. High stable accuracy.

Feeding clamp device

High-performance pneumatic feeding clamps (double finger type), positioned by a precision servo drive.

Side against device

The optional device can effectively ensure precise sawing.

Precise linear guide

It adopts a square linear guide rail, low noise design, high precision, smooth and durable operation. Long service life.

Electronic ruler magnetic induction device

Select German electronic ruler closed-loop precision compensation. The compensation tolerance is plus or minus 0.02mm. High precision Swiss gear bar feed travel mechanism.

Tracked vacuum system

Fully sealed crawler suction channel. The vacuuming effect is close to 100%.

Remote connecting service system

A remote operating status monitoring service can be implemented. Scalable and optimized for intelligent docking.

Protection device

Infrared inducting sensor. Keep safe.


Easy feeding ball flotation workbench

High-performance pneumatic feeding clamp. Positioned precise servo drive

German electronic ruler closed-loop precision compensation. High-precision Swiss feeding running gear with ±0.02mm tolerance compensation

Big saw teeth locking device or pneumatic locking clamp (selection), vertical installation, the vertical degree of precision, no need to adjust the assembly.

Precision expansion set lock shaft design, assembly becomes more easily.

Saw carriage uses linear guide rail. Straight sewing line. High accuracy. Large loading. Gear rack transmission. CNC cutting. It can be used in a dusty environment.



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